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UPakWeShip, Inc.
Average rating:  
 102 reviews
by David Denton on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Great customer service and experience

Alicia and Elda were there for us every step of the way through the process. I’m a natural worrier but there really was no need. Everything worked out great!

by Lucas on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Received exactly as shipped!

Communicative, fast, and safe!

We probably overpacked our single pallet but it arrived exactly as shipped, not even a single hole in the plastic wrap over top the shipment. Highly recommend.

by Lori & David on UPakWeShip, Inc.
WOW!!! Great Service - Great Experience!!!

Thank you for a great experience!

As a family we decided we wanted to experience living in Germany, but when the time came to return to the States we turned to UPakWeShip to help us bring some of our "Memories" back with us.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

What a great service you provided. Instructions are all straight forward and laid out step by step. The shipping materials arrived, we packed everything we wanted to take back with us and than watched as the crate was loaded on a truck and hauled away. Several weeks later, we got notification that our things were cleared through Customs and would be delivered the next day. No damage to the packing crate, no damage to the items inside! What a relief.

Thank You UPakWeShip for a great experience and a professional, simple process.

Hope to use your services again in the future and definitely would recommend UPakWeShip to anyone looking to ship items to or from Europe.

by Marco on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Perfect door-to-door service!

After looking around for a while on the web, I found this company with the perfect service for me!

I was moving back to Italy from LosAngeles. No fornitures to move, but a decent amount of toys and personal items. I found the perfect solution for me: the U-CRATE 100.

I booked on-line, very simple process, paid the down payment and after 5 days I received the kit.

I prepared with all the needed time the UCrate in my backyard, and the scheduled day it was loaded into the truck with a pallet jack without any problem.

The European team contacted me ahead of time to double check the documents - I asked a consular declaration of re-entry and it worked perfectly.

After customs clearance, the local company called me the schedule the drop off, and the shipment arrived in great conditions! No surprise at all in terms of money!

On the timing: it took an overall 8 weeks - on top of the 6 weeks declared on the web site, the shipment was stuck 2 weeks for the Christmas holiday - I have been promptly notified of this by Alicia, plus few additional days for customs operation (it was subject to fumigation).

A note on the customer service: both Alicia (US) and Elda (EU) have been wonderful! they replied to all my questions in matter of hours and provide all the information to ensure a wonderful service.

Strongly recommend!

by Lia Claire Guerard on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Brilliant service!

Cannot speak highly enough of UpakWeship. We sent a crate from Florida to the UK. Our coordinators, Alicia in S.C. and Louise in the Uk were extremely efficient and helpful and answered all our queries almost immediately! We were kept informed of every different stage in the shipment, from delivery of the crate to collection, , arrival at the port in the US, departure of the vessel, arrival in Southampton etc...Everything went super smoothly. We had such personal , friendly service - really felt as if OUR crate was important! Thank you, ladies. Wish all companies could be this thorough and easy to deal with

by Isabella on UPakWeShip, Inc.

/With the caveat that my shipment hasn't arrived yet, I have been pleasently surprised and relieved about how easy this process was. The communication from first order - pallet arriving - pallet pickup - on the ship was super fast (like, within the hour) and very detailed. They really know their stuff. Alicia Hawk (our coordinator) was assigned to us from the beginning and knew EVERYTHING - answered all our questions, extremely quickly. Really really impressed with her, and the company in general.

by Anthony on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Simple... sorted

Wasn't sure how this was going to work as i needed to send my sons belongings back to the uk when he returned from the USA. After a couple of mess-ups by me, we were guided through the process stage by stage by Alicia... turned out it was simple and straightforward. Packed up and ready to go, Pickup arranged and went according to plan (great guy there too). Then 8 weeks later it reappeared at its destination after a simple phone call to set a time and date for final delivery. This isn't going to expedite your delivery, but it you need to send stuff from the USA to the UK, although not bargain cheap, its affordable for the volume we sent, then i'd recommend this approach. I will use it again if the need occurs. It worked because we did it without a need to rush...and because it was well documented. Alicia our contact there, clearly knew and explained what needed to be done and help us through the process when we were not sure or had questions.

by Theresa Burkhart on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Exceptionally easy!

Hi guys! We just moved to germany and received our shipping crate through Upakweship and I wanted to share our experience.

I was super worried about this whole process, worried I'd get scammed, things wouldn't arrive or even break. But this company was exceptional! It was all so easy, we inquired, locked in a rate by signing a contract and we paid a deposit. Then when we were ready we set up a pallet drop off date, it got to us as scheduled, then when we were done loading it we scheduled a pickup date. All throughout the process I have received emails from them with step by step instructions, what's going to happen next, etc. Once our crate was picked up I received tracking information for the ship, an estimate arrival date and they kept notifying me when there was a change (Arrived in Rotterdam, cleared customs)
I'm really pleased with the whole company, no hidden fees, no stress, they really made it easy for us and the crate even arrived earlier than expected. Nothing got broken, everything arrived, 10/10 would recommend! 🙂

We moved from Spokane, WA to the Grafenwöhr, Bavaria area 🙂

by Tamara on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Perfect for me

So far I am extremely pleased. I love being in the loop and having control over packing my things. It is straight forward and very transparent. Highly recommended

by Ismael Justo on UPakWeShip, Inc.
The best option for moving your belongings overseas

We moved our belongings from Boulder (US) to Bath (UK). The service we received was more than excellent (more than 5 stars). Every single step of the process was done easy by UPackWeShip. We were worried as how we were going to receive our "box", and honestly we were expecting to receive it damp and smelly. For our surprise, was nothing like that. We received it exactly in the same conditions as when it left us. Many thanks go to Alicia Hawk (US), Louise Osmond (UK) and all the team for their friendly and very efficient service. I was kept informed all through our "box" journey. We couldn't be more pleased with the attention and service. If I need to do this again, without any doubt I will be doing it again with UPakWeShip.

by Mauro on UPakWeShip, Inc.

Highly recommend and good value. The process was straightforward and our move from the US to UK went very smoothly

by Georgios V on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Excellent Service!

Highly recommended! Our move to Europe was as smooth as it gets, thanks a million to Pete Nash for following through every step of the process.
Excellent job guys!

by Carol on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Sucessful Ending

My shipment with Upakweship was coordinated between the US west coast and England with proficiency, care and professionalism. Alicia Hawk expertly managed a smooth transfer of my goods, responding attentively to my queries. Many stars Alicia.

by Anne Purdy on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Excellent service

We shipped from the USA to Wales. I initially made a mistake ordering the wrong crates and UpackWeShip were incredibly helpful sorting things out for me. Many thanks go to Alicia and the team for their prompt reaction and friendly service. I was kept informed all through our crates journey and they were delivered promtly looking exactly how they did when they left us. Couldn't be more pleased.

by Angela M on UPakWeShip, Inc.
USA to Australia: Reliable, Transparent and Affordable

We have been thinking about shipping some household effects from storage in the US to our home in Australia for several years, and we never knew that this easy and affordable option existed. We had a great experience using UPakWeShip, and would definitely use again or recommend to others.

UPakWeShip makes it really easy to organise DIY packing and shipping internationally. Their website has lots of information that lays out the process and tells you what you can expect. We especially appreciated the following aspects:

- We used door-to-door delivery of one U-Crate 100 and one U-Crate 50. I liked that the kit for the crates arrives, and you can take your time to fill the crate at your own rate, scheduling pickup about a week ahead. It was a little tricky to estimate how much we had, but it worked out perfectly. We ordered a little more space than we thought we needed, and it ended up being just right.

- A few days after our crates were picked up in our home city, we got email confirmation that our shipment had arrived at UPakWeShip’s Charleston terminal. They then advised when space was reserved on a ship, and then again when the items were expected to depart the port. At that time they also provided an expected landing date in Australia.

- About 10 days after the ship departed, we received notice from the moving company affiliate on the Australian end (Conroys), who asked us to confirm delivery instructions.

- We got a sense for time estimates from other customer reviews and knew it would be ~3 months in transit. We received delivery in Australia exactly 11 weeks from our pickup date in the US (East Coast).

- From the beginning, communication was excellent, receiving prompt and informative emails about each step in the process, from signing a contract, paying a deposit, organising forms for customs and insurance, and awaiting pickup.

- The movers/trucks we dealt with at both ends were courteous, prompt, and professional.

- The movers on the Australian end (Conroys) were also very good communicators, sending regular updates via text links to their website about that status of our shipment as it moved through customs and quarantine. They were prompt and efficient in delivering the boxes to our house in Sydney.

Moving cherished belongings is stressful, particularly with a long container ship’s journey. It was great to have access to the videos and guides on UPakWeShip’s website, and lots of informative reviews from other customers.

For us the only source of concern was that the U-Crate 100 did not fit in the garage where we were staging the packing process (too tall to allow for clearance for pallet jack removal), and so we had to pack in the driveway. There was a torrential rain just as we finished pulling the plastic tarp over the finished crate, and while the plastic sheeting did a good job of protecting the cardboard crate, it left an inch or so exposed at the bottom, and I was worried that the crate might absorb water at the base. It seems like everything came through OK, though, and no signs of dampness.

I was also a little worried about what would happen in customs, knowing how strict Australia is with quarantine. I did my best to capture the contents of every box, and tried to pack what might be flagged items (wood) together. Everything came through fine. When the delivery arrived in Sydney, the truck driver had a copy of the detailed customs list I had prepared.

Everything went smoothly from beginning to end, no surprises, and great communication throughout. Most importantly, everything arrived in perfect condition. A++ Would use again!

by Steven Campbell on UPakWeShip, Inc.
From Oakland to Porto for less than half!

We had gotten several quotes from other companies for our move from Oakland, California to Porto, Portugal, but not only did they come in at more than double what we were ultimately quoted from UPakWeShip, but the agents were unhelpful and changed their quotes at the time of contracting. Thank goodness we held out and found UPakWeShip through a friend! Alicia was informative and helpful from the very first call, and our two pallets worth of stuff arrived on schedule and without so much as a scratch! If you are moving overseas, UPakWeShip is the way to go!!

by Guido on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Flawless shipping to Switzerland

Kudos to this organization. The whole process of shipping a UCrate 100 from California to Switzerland was easy and without any problems. From the support filling out the correct papers to the delivery crew in Switzerland helping us unpack the box and removing the pallet and cardboard was first class.

by Linda H on UPakWeShip, Inc.
A - 1 Service from U Pack We Ship

We moved from Florida to Italy flawlessly. This was our second time moving abroad and it went smooth as silk compared to our last move with another company. The communication and responsiveness was amazing. Working with Alicia and her staff in the US and with James here in the EU made it easy and worry free. All deadlines were met and everything arrived intact! I would highly recommend U Pack We Ship without a moment's hesitation!

by Stefano on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Good experience

Overall experience very satisfactory. We had good feedback about the location of our delivery every step of the way and the provided service was as promised. The staff was very friendly and we were guided every step of the process (including custom clearing paperwork to be filled).

Only minor hiccups have been:

- the overall delivery time has been slightly longer than what was promised: instead of 6 to 8 weeks as originally estimated the pallet was delivered to us two months and two days. No big deal.

- It was my understanding that at pick-up, the truck driver had the fork-lift only by chance that day, as he was not told he would need one. Although everything went smoothly, I shiver at the idea of what could have happened if he did not have a fork-lift on that day. Poor communication?

We are sorry we only received 4 stars. The 6-8 weeks is the average transit time. I see the person before you in their review said they got there shipment door to door in 4 weeks! The transit time can often depend on how long customs takes to clear it, how long the ship takes crossing the Atlantic and sometimes when its busy how quick we can get space booked on a ship.

Pretty much most trucks these days have a pallet jack on them so that they can move pallets to the back of the truck. The other key ingredient for a successful pick up is a tail lift on the truck. Obviously we always make sure the trucks have a tail lift otherwise it would be impossible to collect the pallet. Drivers in all countries sometimes enjoy some drama to make their day and say things like, hmmm not sure it’s going to fit, you’re lucky I showed up as I was nearly out of hours, I wasn’t meant to be driving this truck with the tail lift today so you’re lucky.

It’s just the way they are, I always treat them with respect as it’s a tough job and I think they are generally under appreciated.

They always have great stories to share and occasionally a moan.

Thanks Stefano though for the feedback and hope you are settling in well.

Cheers The International Moving Doctor.

by CQ on UPakWeShip, Inc.
Great experience (US to UK)

It's a great experience working with Upakcweship moving from US to UK. They have very professional services and offer reasonable prices. They're also flexible on the delivery dates.

I compared this company with many other companies in the US and chose this one because of the fair price and professional service. It's not going to be cheap to move internationally but they're very transparent with the price (shipping + insurance + storage) in the beginning. The costomer service via email is very responsive and knowledgeable.

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** FOR PALLET SERVICES: We CAN arrange a fast turnaround IF you provide your own pallet at this time. Walmart & Costco are great places to source a pallet. Contact us if you have further questions.**