Yes, you can but it is an extra $95 / €95 / UKP95 Approx per hour or part of, if you go over the two hours free time.

No the container will be sitting on a chassis / trailer.

No it does not If you are using local movers to help you load it; ask them to bring a ramp with them. If you and friends are doing it, have one or two people staged in the container to stow everything safe and tight and others pass everything up to the doors of the container.

It is about 4-5 feet off the ground.

Self-load containers will normally clear within 3 days of the vessel arriving and delivery can often be about two to three days after that.

It depends on angles and if they can pull straight in or try to parallel park but I would allow at least another 20 feet.

Click here to see our presentation of how to load a self-load shipping container.

All Rates Valid Within 30 miles Of Our Terminal Locations