Sometimes we can give you a better collection window on the day the collection is scheduled. In addition, as trucks tend to do deliveries in the morning and then do collections once they are empty depending whether you are having a collection or delivery this is the most probable time you will see the truck.

No its too big and heavy so it has to be loaded outside on a flat hard ground level surface. (You can practice loading it up inside though in advance so you know where everything is going to fit when you load it outside on collection day).

Your coordinator would have sent you an email with instructions on how to book the collection.  Please email them if you need the email resent.

Yes if it is a garage style unit on a ground level with outside access and a large truck can pull up by it. If it’s enclosed in the building or in an area where the truck cannot get to it then, you would need to load it in an area where the truck can park and driver can collect with his pallet jack.

All Rates Valid Within 30 miles Of Our Terminal Locations