There are no doors so a small stepladder is handy for loading the high areas of a pallet or U-CRATE.

Sometimes we can give you a better collection window on the day the collection is scheduled. In addition, as trucks tend to do deliveries in the morning and then do collections once they are empty depending whether you are having a collection or delivery this is the most probable time you will see the truck.

Yes, you can but it is an extra $95 / €95 / UKP95 Approx per hour or part of, if you go over the two hours free time.

Anyone over the age of 18 can be present at the delivery and sign the bill of lading.

Anyone over the age of 18 can be present at collection or delivery as long as we are told in advance.

Unfortunately no, but we can usually arrange in advance to have it collected the next day.

No its too big and heavy so it has to be loaded outside on a flat hard ground level surface. (You can practice loading it up inside though in advance so you know where everything is going to fit when you load it outside on collection day).

No the container will be sitting on a chassis / trailer.

Yes no problem as long as you can email our delivery coordinator in advance of delivery arrangements.

Yes as long as there is access for a large truck. Delivery will be made outside on flat surface so if your storage unit is inside a building you would have to carry the items into your unit.

No we can only deliver curbside or on the driveway. We can however normally arrange internal delivery services at an extra cost if we know in advance.

No it does not If you are using local movers to help you load it; ask them to bring a ramp with them. If you and friends are doing it, have one or two people staged in the container to stow everything safe and tight and others pass everything up to the doors of the container.

Once your crate/pallet has been assigned to a vessel for sailing, you will receive an automated email and it will have details of the vessel to be able to track it online. Our tracking platform is constantly being upgraded as new technology develops.

Each box correlates with a line on the packing list.  Please use the drop down menu and select the item with the closest description.  Just choose the main item per box. 

Instructions are sent via email from your coordinator, along with a handy slideshow.  Please follow the instructions to properly fill it out and submit it. The TOR links are also on our web site click here.

Your coordinator would have sent you an email with instructions on how to book the collection.  Please email them if you need the email resent.

It is about 4-5 feet off the ground.

If you see the eta of the ship at the delivery port on our tracking system, normally allow a week to get your shipment cleared through customs and unloaded out of the container and then allow up to two weeks on average depending where you live for delivery.

Self-load containers will normally clear within 3 days of the vessel arriving and delivery can often be about two to three days after that.

It depends on angles and if they can pull straight in or try to parallel park but I would allow at least another 20 feet.

The name should always be of the person whom the goods belong to.  It is ok to pack for a friend/family member, but please keep everything in their name.

Just email your coordinator any updates needed and they can make the change for you.

Yes if it is a garage style unit on a ground level with outside access and a large truck can pull up by it. If it’s enclosed in the building or in an area where the truck cannot get to it then, you would need to load it in an area where the truck can park and driver can collect with his pallet jack.

The U-CRATE comes with the cardboard crate kit, which includes a top, bottom, sides, straps, tape and a cover. It does not include packing materials that you can buy locally from a self-storage center.

Click here to see our presentation of how to load a self-load shipping container.

You can create your labels online via your Rate-Mate account.  Stick a label somewhere on each box / item and use the same label template for each side of the outside of the pallet or U-CRATE.

All Rates Valid Within 30 miles Of Our Terminal Locations