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UPakWeShip, Inc.
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 208 reviews
 by Erin Brown
The Staff Makes This Company

This review is only in reference to the pre-shipping portion of my experience, as my crate is preparing to be shipped out.

Alicia Hawk! Can we talk about Alicia Hawk? From my very first inquiry, Ms. Hawk has gone above and beyond to reply quickly and accurately. She's kept me informed every step of the process and made what would have been a very frustrating and anxiety-inducing process more smooth and hassle-free.

She even called the pick up guys to try to get a better ETA for me so I didn't have to spend from 10am to 6pm sitting next to my crate waiting for pick up.

She has made sure I've had all my documents early and let me know what steps to expect throughout my interactions. I've never felt confused about where my belongings are or what is happening to them. More than anything, she has been polite and friendly, which makes a huge difference.

I hope management knows how valuable she is to the company's continued success and pay her accordingly.

 by Melissa Capers
Great service, great people

When we decided to move to Portugal, we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! One of our luckiest breaks came from our discovery of UPakWeShip. Alicia Hawk was our advisor, and she patiently described their services and the transport process from every angle and 5hrough an astonishing array of surprises, including the COVID pandemic and the blockage of the Suez canal! As we dithered over more than two years, Alicia kept track of our conversation and showed great patience and understanding. We knew our stuff was in good hands when we finally packed it up and shipped it off. Nine weeks later, it arrived on time and unscathed. Whew! And bravo -- great work UPakWeShip!

 by Margaret
Thank you for a Great Service!

This is a great and easy option for moving small or large amounts of stuff overseas, Conn. to the U.K. in my case. Alicia Hawk was efficient, cheerful, and patient during what was a very difficult shipment for me to organize. In the UK, Christos Sougklakos and James Read were extremely helpful and kept me informed.

The crate took roughly two months door to door and arrived looking pristine without any breakages! You would think that it had only moved across the road!

I concur with all the glowing reviews, in particular from Petra, and would only add that your part of the bargain is to be sure to pack well. Throwing stuff in and hoping for the best won't do it but that goes for any move I guess. Glasses, china, etc should all be fine even if the crate gets dropped off a forklift but that is unlikely!! Have no fear...

The kit including the enormous heavy plastic bag that fits over the entire crate is now all folded up and stored and looks as it did the day it was delivered prior to packing. I can highly recommend UpakWeShip.

 by Steve Schwartz
Outstanding service

I just sent this to the team at UPakWeShip - it says it all, apart from the fact that we found packing our own crate to be very convenient - better (and cheaper) than shipping individual boxes.
Our crate ended its journey from Colorado, USA to the suburbs of London, UK, yesterday. We have busied ourselves to unpack everything, but I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your service. From the very beginning you have been extremely helpful and extraordinarily communicative. The whole process, door-to-door, was handled efficiently and we always knew where our box of treasures was.

In short, although I can’t credit you with the super packing job (for that I take credit 😊), working with you has been a pleasure. Light-years away from a nightmare or two we’ve had in the past with other agencies.

 by Asa Black
Great and afforadable service

Great and responsive service from quote to delivery. Very smooth and no unexpected costs. Would strongly recommend for global shipping

 by Cheryl Siegel
Erika , who helped me so much

I called upakweship with at least 10 questions regarding a move from the

USA to England. I spoke to Erika and she was a delight from the time I said hello until I asked her the final question. She was knowledgeable, caring, understanding and polite. I found out every-

thing I wanted to ask and she answered all with ease . Thank you Again, Erica. I will be in touch as soon as I have a definite date.


 by Lewis
Great experience from Florida to UK

We used the ucrate 100 service to transport electronics, toys and houseware from Florida to the Uk. Despite the shipping challenges everything arrived in the condition it left us 9 weeks later. Great support from Alicia in the US and Kate in the uk. Good value and excellent service.

 by Jacquy Pfeiffer
Great service

Moving is very stressful especially when one moves overseas.

Upakweship is a top-notch company that helped me with my international move from A to Z.

The employees are courteous and professional during the entire process.

 by Matthew
Really good service.

Tremendous service. Kept up-to-date all the way. Thank you!

 by Caglar
Great service

Great service all the way. Pick up in the US and delivery in the UK was very smooth, our shipment was in great condition. Communication was top-tier with Kate in the UK side, she was always very responsive.

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